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Welcome to Digital Cinema Solutions, serving as a resource connecting Filmmakers to the tools they need for successful digital production.

Are you considering shooting your movie electronically? It can make a lot of sense for the right project; but what format, equipment, and crew? Where and how will you post your project and what are your options for distribution? We are Filmmakers who have come together to offer our experience in assisting others to bridge the gap between film and digital. Having been down this road as Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, and Editors, we can help guide you along your way. We have many of the answers to the questions that will surely come up as you encounter new technology, terminology, and techniques, and we know where to look for the answers that we don't have. We've sifted through the hype and sales pitches to cull the information we know you will need.
Because to us, helping you tell your stories is what it's all about.