With the release of many prominent digital features from Academy Award winners to up and coming Independents, there has recently been tremendous interest generated in the area of digital cinema production. Unfortunately, there has also been a lot of misinformation generated.

To find the straight answers and sift through the hype, we went straight to the front lines of those involved in digital production. Filmmakers will tell you first hand about thier expierences in the trenches, from planning to production, to post and delivery.

We also interviewed industry experts and representatives from various production and post production services, so that if you find yourself venturing into this world, you'll know where to go to get your questions answered.

Interviews covering the following topics:

Digital Capture
- Advantages and Disadvantages
- Aesthetics
- Archival aspects

Cost comparisons
- Production
- Raw Stock
- Equipment
- Crew differences
- Post
- Processing through final answer print.
- Speed

Selecting Equipment
- Various Formats - DV, Betacam, 480P, HiDef, (Sony, Panasonic, and Thomson)
- Lenses and support gear

- Behind the scenes
- How does it differ from a film shoot?
- The effect of the HiDef monitor on the collaborative process.

- Quality of VTR sound recording versus DAT
- DAT back up
- Timecode issues and solutions

Post Production
- Dailies and digitizing. Options, issues, and solutions
- Desktop editing. Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premiere, Media 100
- Re-digitizing to conform a Hi Res output
- On-line - Bringing it all together either as a tape cut or non-linear.
- FilmOut

- What advances are projected in the near future.
- Digital Projection and distribution.


A Partial List of
- George Lucas
- James Cameron
- Allen Daviau, ASC
- Dale Launer -Writer/Director
- Sean Cunningham -Producer/Director
- James Mathers -Cinematographer
- Brian McKernan -Editor, Digital Cinema Magazine
- Scott Billups -Visual Effects Supervisor
- Jim DeFilipis -Director, Fox Digital Labs
- Bill Meurer -President, Birns & Sawyer
- David Panfili -CEO, Location Sound Corp.
- John Galt -Panavision Digital  
- Ryan Sheridan -Digital Cinematography
- Ramy Katrib -CEO, DigitalFilm Tree



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